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I am a disabled Marine Corps veteran of Vietnam. I have had to learn my rights under the ADA and Veterans Administration the hard way. It is my desire to enable others to learn their rights without going thru the same process that I did.
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This website is for information only. It is not intended to provide legal advice. For any and all legal advice you should consult an attorney who is familiar with ADA law.
It is not my intent to make any money from this website. It is intended to provide the disadvantaged with the tools necessary to defend themselves under the ADA.

1. ADAMS V. ALDERSON Case law where disabled may be discharged for violence in the workplace. Defense is the Metz standards.

2. METZ V. DEPT. OF TREASURY This is the defense under Adams v. Alderson. The person who is accusing a co-worker of violence must meet these standards before the accused can be punished.

3. DOCTRINE OF LACHES acts as a bar in a court of equity if the three elements are met:
1. Unreasonable delay.
2. Neglect to assert a claim or right.
3. Causing prejudice to adverse Party.

This page applies to TRANSSEXUALS If you live in Washington State you have protection under WaADA and the State of Washington Human Rights Commission. However, if you live outside of Washington you have no protection under Federal ADA or the EEOC. If you live in another state find out if you are covered under any other disabilities, such as depression or endocrinology. There is a high incidence of suicide related problems in the transsexual community, if you have such problems then you may be covered. Check with your mental health provider.

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