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The Poor Woman's Survival Guide


What kind of clothing will you need during an extended disaster or famine?

Each driver of a vehicle should have a 3 day survival backpack no matter where they live.  In this backpack should be a pair of water resistant work boots, wool socks, a wool hat, wool pants and a wool shirt.
In most instances you will need at least three sets of clothes during an extended emergency or famine.  I will refer to this situation as an "extended disaster".
Do not go out and buy three sets of clothes.  Wait until your present clothes wear out.  Put these away in case you need to access your clothes.  Put away clothes that are durable, not dresses and business suits.  Put away denim jeans that you wear around the house on weekends.
After you have three sets of worn clothes in storage, upgrade these clothes with newer but worn clothes.  By constantly upgrading your stored wardrobe you will be assured that the clothing put in storage will fit you when they are needed.
Also, buy at least one set of exercise clothes that provide you with room to grow.  Make sure that the top part of your exercise clothes has a hood.  You will need clothes that have growing room as the clothes you put away may not fit when you need them.
Why not go out and buy new clothes.
First, in an extended disaster people will notice that you have new clothes. They will know that you have prepared for the disaster and that you probably have food.  If they are starving they will come to get your food and emergency supplies.
Second, it is expensive to buy three new wardrobes.  Each set of clothing should consist of:
1.  A pair of tennis shoes.
2.  A pair of socks.
3.  A pair of pants.
4.  A shirt.
5.  Underwear, a pair of briefs for men and women and a bra for women.
Third, You do not need to spend today's money on an event that, hopefully, will never occur in your lifetime.
Worn clothes will cost you nothing and help you blend in with the people who have not prepared for the extended disaster.
Children will be a problem.  Providing them with worn clothing will probably not work too well.  They usually outgrow their clothing before they are worn out.
If Sam is bigger than Sara then you can put away Sam's clothes for Sara.  Most girls do not mind wearing boys clothes.  If Sara is bigger than Sam then you have a problem.  Famine or no famine most boys will not wear clothing that is designed for girls.
Buy children exercise clothes that have room to grow in.  Allow them to wear these exercise clothes when they play out doors.  Buy a larger set before they outgrow their present clothes.  When their present clothes are worn out use the next set of clothes.
Always have a larger set of clothes ready for them to grow into.
You will need to put away rain gear.  The cheapest rain gear are black trash bags.  Store a box of these in your survival gear.  Do not buy cheap garbage bags as I did.  They do not work well.
Before you put the trash bags away cut holes in one bag for your head and two holes for your arms.  Do this before you put the trash bags away.  In this manner you will know that the trash bags will work when they are needed.
In your three day emergency backpack the person who will be out in the weather the most will need a pair of durable and water resistant work boots, a pair of wool socks and a wool hat.  They should also have a wool sweater and wool pants.  They should have a set of good and reliable rain gear, including pants and top with a hood.  Make sure that the rain gear will fit over their clothing.
The person who will do the work outside of the home during the worst weather will need at least the work boots, wool socks and wool hat.  With these three items and rain gear to protect their cotton clothing the outdoor person will be able work outdoors and not have to worry about hypothermia.
It doesn't matter if you live in Alaska or Miami you will need to protect yourself from hypothermia.  Wet cotton clothing will wick heat from your body in relatively high temperatures and with only a little wind.
Cotton clothing is deadly.  Protect yourself with wool clothing.  If you do not have wool clothing then protect your cotton clothes from getting wet by wearing rain gear.
If you show any signs of hypothermia then get your a** inside and stay there untill you warm up and the symptoms of hypothermia go away.  If you collapse from hypothermia then your significant other may not be able to revive you.
Even after the extended disaster is over with do not tell others that you were prepared for the extended disaster.  They will hate you for not helping them.  Most of them will not prepare for the next extended disaster.
If you tell them that you were prepared for the last emergency then when the next emergency comes, a few years later, they will come for your food and emergency supplies.
This does not mean you should not help them.  Once you are really assured that the extended emergency is over then help them without revealing that you have stored food and emergency supplies.
Remember, if people gain access to your stored food and other essentials you will have to stand by as your family goes without.  That may not sound like much today but if you watch your family starve to death because you did not stop people who stole your food how will you feel.

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